HostGator Downtime? Time to Switch!

If you’re a HostGator customer, chances are you’ve experienced slow loading times and a lot of downtime drama. HostGator is one of the many brands of Newfold Digital / EIG and they’re one of the most popular mainstream web hosts out there, but the reality is they’ve been providing subpar levels of service for a long time now.

The Truth About HostGator

HostGator’s popularity in the web hosting niche can be largely attributed to its substantial advertising budgets and enticing affiliate commission rates. Their extensive marketing campaigns and generous commissions have incentivized many bloggers and affiliate marketers to promote HostGator, often leading to an inflated perception of their quality and reliability.

Just how many times have you read a 10/10 (or 5/5) glowing review for HostGator? How many “top 10 sites” have HostGator as their #1? Trust that these ratings are not because of HostGator’s actual quality of service — it’s all because of the affiliate money.

At the end of the day it’s important for prospective customers to look beyond the hype and consider the actual performance and customer experiences to make a well-informed decision about their web hosting needs.

A HostGator Alternative

FrogeHost, a well-funded and reliable web host, is offering an exclusive discount to all customers who are moving away from HostGator. Say hello to better hosting and goodbye to HostGator’s headaches today!

To claim your discount with FrogeHost, just sign up for any FrogeHost web hosting plan and ask for your website to be transferred. You will receive 1 month’s worth of FREE account credits with FrogeHost after a successful account migration.