The Decline of HostMantis

We all know that in the web hosting industry, reliability is paramount. It’s 2023, a lot of businesses are online, we make online transactions everyday. For those of us who own online businesses (especially e-commerce), we’re literally putting the reputation and the very life of our businesses in the hands of a hosting provider.

For years, HostMantis was one of the trusted names in the industry, offering affordable and dependable hosting services to all sorts of customers, and they were quite popular among resellers. In recent times however, many users have voiced concerns about the decline in HostMantis’ quality of service after their sale.

When HostMantis underwent a change in ownership, many users have reported issues ranging from frequent downtime to sluggish server performance. A lot of their (ex-)customers have posted their frustrations on forums and blogs.

Here are some quotes from WebHostingTalk or WHT, a forum for discussing web hosts and hosting in general:

“I’ve been with HostMantis for years, and the service used to be great. Since the change in ownership, I’ve noticed my website experiencing regular outages. It’s incredibly frustrating, and their support has become unresponsive.”

“I thought HostMantis was the best budget hosting provider until recently. My website’s load times have slowed down significantly, and I’ve had to deal with several unexpected downtimes. I’m actively searching for alternatives.”

“HostMantis’s support used to be fantastic. Now, it feels like they don’t care about their customers anymore. My emails go unanswered for days, and my website’s performance has suffered.”

The Search for a Reliable Alternative

For those who have grown tired and frustrated with HostMantis and are looking for a replacement, FrogeHost is offering refugee discounts to shared and reseller customers.

If you’re looking to leave HostMantis, consider switching to FrogeHost. Account migrations are completely FREE, and if you contact FrogeHost with proof that you’ve had a HostMantis account for at least 3 months, you can get up to 50% off your first invoice (any billing period).

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