The Decline of HostMantis

We all know that in the web hosting industry, reliability is paramount. It’s 2023, a lot of businesses are online, we make online transactions everyday. For those of us who own online businesses (especially e-commerce), we’re literally putting the reputation and the very life of our businesses in the hands of a hosting provider.

For years, HostMantis was one of the trusted names in the industry, offering affordable and dependable hosting services to all sorts of customers, and they were quite popular among resellers. In recent times however, many users have voiced concerns about the decline in HostMantis’ quality of service after their sale.

When HostMantis underwent a change in ownership, many users have reported issues ranging from frequent downtime to sluggish server performance. A lot of their (ex-)customers have posted their frustrations on forums and blogs.

Here are some quotes from WebHostingTalk or WHT, a forum for discussing web hosts and hosting in general:

“I’ve been with HostMantis for years, and the service used to be great. Since the change in ownership, I’ve noticed my website experiencing regular outages. It’s incredibly frustrating, and their support has become unresponsive.”

“I thought HostMantis was the best budget hosting provider until recently. My website’s load times have slowed down significantly, and I’ve had to deal with several unexpected downtimes. I’m actively searching for alternatives.”

“HostMantis’s support used to be fantastic. Now, it feels like they don’t care about their customers anymore. My emails go unanswered for days, and my website’s performance has suffered.”

The Search for a Reliable Alternative

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EdgeVirt Shuts Down

EdgeVirt, a VPS/bare metal provider, is saying goodbye. In a post on a popular web hosting forum, a user reported that they received an email from EdgeVirt saying that all services will be shut down “over the next 14-21 days.” This was posted on the 29th of August, 2023, so if you were an EdgeVirt customer, it’s time to find a reliable alternative for your cloud services.

It’s quite interesting that earlier this year, EdgeVirt expressed their plans of expanding their services, so something unexpected must have happened for them to decide to close down their business. We can only speculate as no public announcement had been made as of this posting. Here is a screenshot from their “Announcements” page:


If you’re looking for an unmanaged VPS alternative, FrogeHost is offering discounts to customers of hosting providers that have shut down or are in the process of shutting down. FrogeHost will offer up to 50% off your first invoice for any billing period. Simply place an order and before paying, send in a ticket showing proof that you have had an active service with EdgeVirt for at least 3 months.

FrogeHost Unmanaged VPS Offer:

More unmanaged VPS plans are available on the FrogeHost website.

DediPath Closure, Customer Equipment Stuck in Datacenter

DediPath, a dedicated server provider, suddenly announced their closure. They published an announcement and sent out a mass email to their customers saying they are permanently closing their doors. What’s very baffling is they did this with only a 24-hour(!) notice — this screams absolute disregard for their customers’ businesses.

Here is their official “Closure of Business” announcement.

And here’s a copy of the email that they sent out:

Dear [redacted],

We will are writing to you regarding your service at Dedipath. With a heavy heart we must announce that Dedipath will be discontinuing operations effective 8/31/23. Please migrate your data and take backups as soon as possible.

In regards to our colocation customers if you are in the following locations please send a ticket to [email protected] for equipment removal:
Las Vegas

In regards to our colocation customers if you are in the following location please send a ticket to [email protected] for equipment removal:

In regards to our colocation customers if you are in the following locations please send a ticket to [email protected] for equipment removal:

In regards to our colocation customers if you are in the following locations please send a ticket to [email protected] for equipment removal:
Redondo Beach
San Jose

If you have a domain registered with us please transfer it out ASAP.

We are truly sorry for the inconvenience this has caused. We appreciate your business and support over the years and this is heart breaking to everyone at Dedipath.

Copyright © 2023 Dedipath, All rights reserved.
You are receiving this email because you opted in via our website.

Our mailing address is:
7209 Lancaster Pike Ste 4-1005
Hockessin, DE 19707-9292

Many customers were shocked, while others claim the writing was on the wall and that they’ve seen this coming beforehand.

Customer Equipment Reportedly Not Being Returned

Despite the above email, it seems that some of their customers are having trouble getting back their hardware.

User own3mall of WebHostingTalk said they couldn’t get their equipment back:

Still haven’t gotten anywhere in recovering my server colocated with DediPath in Flexential’s Vegas database.

I’ve called Flexential several times, and they keep telling me that they won’t talk to me, and that I should contact DediPath. I keep explaining to them that DediPath is out of business and won’t respond. DediPath said they had some kind of agreement that Flexential would help DediPath’s customers, but so far, that has not been the case. How am I going to get my equipment back??????

So frustrating.

We’re hoping that all of DediPath’s colo customers get their equipment back, one way or another.