EdgeVirt Shuts Down

EdgeVirt, a VPS/bare metal provider, is saying goodbye. In a post on a popular web hosting forum, a user reported that they received an email from EdgeVirt saying that all services will be shut down “over the next 14-21 days.” This was posted on the 29th of August, 2023, so if you were an EdgeVirt customer, it’s time to find a reliable alternative for your cloud services.

It’s quite interesting that earlier this year, EdgeVirt expressed their plans of expanding their services, so something unexpected must have happened for them to decide to close down their business. We can only speculate as no public announcement had been made as of this posting. Here is a screenshot from their “Announcements” page:


If you’re looking for an unmanaged VPS alternative, FrogeHost is offering discounts to customers of hosting providers that have shut down or are in the process of shutting down. FrogeHost will offer up to 50% off your first invoice for any billing period. Simply place an order and before paying, send in a ticket showing proof that you have had an active service with EdgeVirt for at least 3 months.

FrogeHost Unmanaged VPS Offer:

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